The purpose of Licksters is to create a social and community-based metaverse where Licksters can interact, play, earn, work, trade, and build within the metaverse while collecting powerful and unique Licksters that will become valuable gems within the community. The Licksters community allows users all over the world to meet, build, and play with other Licksters from New York City to Hong Kong, and other countries.

The Licksters Team believes in complete transparency between the company and community, which is why they have created A profit-sharing system , where every month, Licksters NFT holders will receive an shared portion 25%.

By communicating frequently and keeping the community informed about the creative efforts of the Licksters Team, we aim to maintain and foster a high level of engagement for the community. We can ensure a unique player experience by combining the contributions of our game developers, artists, and partners from the blockchain gaming communities.

Travel the world New york to Hong kong



February 2022

Phase 1

March 2022

Phase 2

April 2022

Phase 3

May 2022

Phase 4

June 2022

Phase 5

July 2022

Phase 6

December 2022

NFT x Collectibles


In addition to the release of the 1st Gen 5k Licksters on May 16 2022 . NFT holders that purchase during the launch will also receive 2nd Gen (released in July 2022) Licksters equal to the amount they purchased during the initial launch. Our current and new NFT holders will have access to Licksters Play and Earn game soon to be release in the 4th quarter. Our goal is to create a gaming system that’s expandable within the Metaverse to Play, Build, Own, and Monetizable by our Nft holders. Licksters Team and founder are currently in nogations with candy manufacturers for branded candy that can be sold and distributed worldwide thought our online storefront. The LicksterX brand will also be sold and distributed worldwide on over 40 marketplaces and sells channels

Meet Our Team


Creator of Licksters


Lead Artist


Head Developer

Play and earn

Licksters first major gaming system is an adventure game built on the Solana blockchain. NFT holders will play, travel, build, in a digital world through the game and earn SOL cash rewards. Licksters NFT holders can travel and show there adventures skills, while gaining skills to qualify for the highest ranking tournaments and earn real rewards in the form of NFT drops, native tokens, prize pools, nft exchanges and upgrades and more.


All NFT holders will have the opportunity to purchase Lickster gear under the brand name LickserX at LicksterX.io at a discounted rate on most merchandise sold on. The store is also open to the public. 25% Revenue profits received as a direct result of sells by physical goods or digital from our storefront will be given to all NFT holders once a month in SOL tokens . This creates a exciting way for our community to generate passive income on a continual basis In addition all of our retail customer will have the opportunity to receive free special edition Nfts made just for our retail market on order over $150. Lickster X merch will be sold in 40 plusĀ  marketplaces worldwide not limited to Amazon,Walmart,Target within the US market.

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